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patio door blind

Patio Door Blinds

Patio Door Blinds can be tricky as all of the normal considerations such as stack and opacity are further "complicated" by the size and the requirement that the doors are used or access to the outside. There are 3 main styles of patio doors each with their own unique set of challenges.

In Toronto and the GTA most common type of Patio Door  is the Sliding Door. The window treatments that are most commonly used for sliding doors are PVC Shutters and Vertical Blinds. Similar to the Vertical Blinds both Luminette and Ripplefold Drapery are used when looking for a more custom upscale effect. The main considerations with any of these treatments is the amount of window/door that is covered by the blind or drapery when stacked to the side or above. This is appropriately called the blind stack.

The second most common type of Patio Door is the French Door. These doors require additional thought as to which direction they swing and can be more complex if they swing inwards towards the room. Most prevalantly they are treated by covering the window portion itself. This can be done with Shutters, Faux Wood or Cellular Shades. When covering the window by attaching a treatement to the door it is important to order hold down brackets that will prevent the blind from swinging when the door is used.

The last type of door is a cross between the Sliding Door and the French Door which is called a folding door. The easiest way to treat these is to either use cellular shades or to put in a drapery treatment such as Ripplefold Drapery or Sheers on the Door. It is important to note that in order to open the doors fully the treatment must stack fully to the wall.

As you can see there are many considerations to Patio Door Blinds give us a call with any questions we are happy to help out.

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