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Wood Shutter, Stained wood shutter

Wood Shutters

Shutters have been popular for years. Wood Shutters were used in Europe as a paneled treatment to close the windows off from attack from invaders and over the years they have evolved to what they are today. The beauty of wood shutters is that they require no other enhancing window covering. The shutters above are a warm wood color that complements the overall feel of the room.

Shutters are available in many different colors and configurations. Inside and outside mount frame styles, tilt bar placement, color and hinge style all must be taken into consideration just to mention a few.

The best wood shutters are made out of hardwoods such as Basswood and Maple. Woods that are too soft such as pine will warp and scratch easily. To avoid these issues if you are looking for wood shutters you should always purchase shutters from a large reputable manufacturer. For our wood shutters we recommend Maxxmar Shutters. They use only premium hardwoods and finish them multiple times to give them a hard long lasting finish. 

The best way to pick shutters is always with a trained industry professional. Allow us to work with you to pick the perfect window coverings for your home.

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