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mock roman shade valance

Mock Roman Shade Valance

Mock Roman Shade Valances are a great way to add the beauty of a Roman Shade without commiting to its operation. Mock Roman Shade Valances are a fixed window covering that are made to look as if it is an operable window covering. 

Mock Roman Shades are a great choice allowing the decorator or homeowner to add the softness and fabric of a roman shade without the heaviness of the operation. In Toronto roman shade valances are ofter used in washrooms with a faux wood or cafe style shutters underneath. This allows the beauty of the roman with the functionality of the operable window treatment. Another reason why the mock roman shades are used is to allow the permanent perfect pleating of the treatment. This prevents the need to hand dress the blind after it has been lifted. This always dressed look means that the valance will never look like messy or wrinkled.

Mock romans are usually used in windows of small to medium width. When they are being made in wide windows care should be taken to cover any seams or to a fabric whose width is wider than the finished width of the treatment. Another important consideration when designing the window treatment is the pattern of the fabric and to make sure the pattern will work when it is folded.

Some great ideas for treatments to put underneath mock roman shade valances are Silhouettes, and roller shades as well as faux wood blinds.

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