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Tab Top Drapery Tab top curtains winodow coverings blinds shades drapery

Although Tab Top Drapery comes in several forms. All tab tops feature a loop or tab that the decorative rod passes through to hold the fabric up. They are used to convey a more casual look in a space although the use of sewn in valances such as pelmets can dress up the panels. Curtains that utilize fabric tabs or a pocket to hold it up do not traverse as well as styles such as Pinch Pleat Drapery or Grommet Drapery. The traditional Tab Top Curtain as pictured above, has the tabs visible as a decorative feature while hidden tab curtains has the drapery tabs sewn behind the curtain header. Pocket rod drapery is related to tab top drapery in that it is a sewn fabric loop instead of a grommet or hook that holds the drapery to the rod.

Installing tab top drapery is not easy as it requires several different measurements. The width and height of the window must be considered as well as the overall space above the window available to hang the drapery rod. The rod should hang between 4" and 6" inches above the window frame to avoid excessive light bleed coming through the tabs and over the window treatment. For this reason when covering floor to ceiling windows one should possibly consider another drapery treatment or window covering.

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