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Drapery Hardware

One of the most popular window treatment embellishments is the drapery rod. However decorative hardware is not the limit of what is available  Many types of drapery do not use drapery hardware that is visible in fact most of what is sold in Toronto is never meant to be seen. Drapery hardware is used in every type of treatment from the most ornate Top Treatment to the modern ripplefold drapery.

I would break up Drapery Hardware into two main categories.

  • Functional Hardware while it may be decorative its primary goal is function. I-Beams, KS Tracks, Velcro Tracks are all included in this heading.
  • Decorative Hardware definitely more popular now than it has been in years it is meant to be seen. Drapery rods, finials, brackets are all meant to complement and enhance the beauty of the drapery. This type of curtain rod comes in many finishes including metal and wood finishes and finials from very ornate to simple and geometric. Sizes vary with rod diameter going from 3/4" all the way up to 3". Bigger isn't necessarily better it is important to make choices based on scale it is unlikely for example that a very narrow window or a room with 8ft ceilings will look good with a 3" rod or a that 3/4" drapery hardware will even be visible from a 20ft height.

The trend has moved in two very different directions with one group staying very traditional in their choices picking wood rods with traditional more ornate finials in dark wood colors and a shift on the other side to minimal and geometric rod ends in metal finishes with the most popular color being brushed nickel.

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