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Everwood Faux Wood Blinds

Everwood Faux Wood Blinds by Hunter Douglas is a perfect example of how Hunter Douglas takes something as simple as a Faux Wood Blind and transforms it into the perfect window treatment.

Everwood Faux Wood Blinds are available in 2" and 2 1/2" faux wood slat sizes. In Toronto faux wood blinds are usually ordered in a 2" slat size however in very deep and large windows 2 1/2" slats are often used to  provide scale or provide a pvc shutter or wood shutter look without the ful investment in shutters.

Some of the great features that are available with Everwood Faux Wood blinds are De-Light Routless Blinds, Cord Tilts, and Cotton Tapes. One of the best child safety features is the availablity of faux wood with the cordless option called Literise.

Everwood Faux Wood are a great choice for anyone who wants great quality blinds some of the other options that look great with faux wood are drapery panels such as grommet drapery for a modern home or goblet pleat for a more traditional finish.

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